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PeruBiotech was created in 2010 and we specialize in providing world class natural products for human health.

We took commitment to explore and research different geographical areas of Peru to find healthy products and export them worldwide.

Our company works closely with the native communities of the Andes and the Amazon, helping with environmental awareness, protection the forests and providing another alternative to the cultivation of illicit products such as the coco leaf (Erythroxylum coca), poppy (Papaver rhroeas) and marijuana (Cannabis sativa).

Founder. Juan Chavez Juan Chávez - Founder

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G.A.P.S. Founding President Water is vital, Global Womans Entrepreneurial Business Centers, Global Childrens Initiative, Global Reforestation Initiative, Global Global Peace Ambassador and Founder of the NGO Global Alliance for Peace and Sustainability https://gapsintl.org/

Founder. Juan Chavez
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Our Cordyceps Incensis

What is it?

It is the first and new species of fungus of the genus ophiocordyceps found in South America; corroborated by Dr. Zengzhi Li, professor of Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei, Anhui, China.

How is it formed?

This fungus parasitizes larva of ghost moths and produces a fruiting body valued as an herbal remedy. The fungus penetrates the larva, growing and living inside and finally killing its host after it has burrowed beneath the ground.


It measures between 4-8 centimeters (3.14 inches) and weighs 1.92 grams

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Cordyceps Incensis

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  • The Tibetan cordyceps whose name means “Winter worm, Summer grass” is highly valued in tradational Asian medicine. The mushroom grows in the body of a caterpillar until it sprouts from the head. Due to its rarity and difficulty gathering, the prices have increased exorbitantly. To add to the difficulty obtaining this mushroom the Chinese government has warned the fugus is frequently contaminated with arsenic, due perhaps to fallout from air pollution in India in the high plains of Tibet where the mushroom is exclusively found. Peru Biotech have found an alternate source in the pristine Andes mountains of Peru. A sister species, Cordyceps , has been genetically sequenced by the scientists at the Chinese Cordyceps Museum. The results show it is the closest DNA relative to the Tibetan mushroom, and analysis shows it contains similar amounts of cordyceptin, thought to be the active substance. The fungi are bigger, as they parasitise a larger caterpillar than in Tibet. Peru Biotech delivers as promised, though one may have to make allowances for delivery due t the difficulties in harvesting a rare ingredient from a remote area. We are well satisfied with Juan Chavez' service and look forward to reordering from next year's harvest. Richard Kaufman, President, Kingherbs USA Inc.

    冬虫夏草 - Dong Chong Xia Cao – Cordyceps sinensis.Peru Biotech's cordyceps are the real deal.

  • I was surprised by the quality of their products. I always recommend them.

    K.S. - Particular

  • It is very important to the quality and price. Its products have the perfect relationship.

    P.P. - Particular

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We works closely with native communities from the Andes and Amazonas communities, helping with environmental awareness.

Explore and research

In different geographical areas of Peru to find healthy products and export them worldwide.

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Cordyceps Incensis

It is the first fungus found in South America and this was corroborated by Dr. Li Zengzhi Curator of Chinese Cordyceps Museum, Cordyseum.